The Core Exchange is a marketplace for trading yielding real estate asset shares. We are democratizing the commercial real estate market by creating a retail marketplace where individuals can buy and sell ownership of a building. Our team has many years of experience in Real Estate Private Equity Investing, Pension Fund Consulting, Capital Markets, Product Management and Trading Technologies Platforms. We are bringing new life to the real estate business, making owning yielding real estate assets easy and accessible.

What is The Core Exchange?

The Core Exchange is an online exchange where investors can buy & sell shares* in institutional real estate investments. The Core Exchange offers a secure exchange platform where Investors (Limited Partners) and Managers (General Partners) transact entirely online.

What are Institutional Assets?

Institutional assets are large income-generating properties that are owned or financed by institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies and banks. Institutional investors are interested in these large assets and extensive pieces of real estate.

How Does it Work?

The Core Exchange provides investors with access to preexisting ownership of institutional real estate otherwise unavailable to individuals. The Core Exchange allows investors to select individual buildings in major cities, review and analyze mangers’ data for those properties and buy or sell shares* in specific buildings. It's easy: Browse, Select, Invest, Own, and Receive quarterly income.

What are Core Assets?

Core real estate assets are high-quality, low-leverage, well-leased properties such as prime office buildings, apartment towers and shopping malls. Core-Plus refers to similar assets that need a little extra work to boost values.

What are The Core Exchange Assets?

The Core Exchange assets are institutional Core and Core-Plus yielding commercial real estate assets, which have a maximum leverage of 50%, a minimum value of $40 million and a 90% minimum occupancy. We do not list development deals. Markets will initially be limited to major U.S. metropolitan cities including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, NYC, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. Philadelphia, Miami, Portland, Austin, and Dallas will be added at a later stage.

* Every share is 1/million of ownership (0.0001%).


The assets identified on the map are not a true representation of the properties that will be featured on our platform. The map and buildings serve as a demo representation only.

Valuation Examples

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